MOVI would like to inform customers about the FREE INSTALLATION support period for equipment including Air Conditioners, Televisions, Washing Machines, Direct Water Heaters, Water Purifier is extended until 31/08/2023 with some following notes:

  • For Air Conditioning: Free work and installation materials for hot and cold department locations, maximum distance of 3 meters. The cost of materials and labor incurred by customers pays directly to the worker according to the attached price bracket. (Only applicable from 1hp – 2.5hp / wall mounted air conditioner).
  • For TVs, Washing machines, Direct water heaters, Water purifiers: Free installation. In case of arising supplies, customers pay directly to the worker according to the attached price bracket.

Regulations on the time of installation of equipment

Installation time: Installation time is up to 48 hours (including weekends and holidays) after delivery procedure is completed:

  • For air conditioning: before 17h00
  • For the remaining types: before 21h00

Note to customers:

  • Installers will contact you prior to arrival and arrange the installation time according to the customer's schedule.
  • However, if the installation terrain is dangerous.
  • The installer has the right to refuse construction.
  • The installer will guide customers to use after the installation is completed.
  • The customer pays the agreed incidental amounts before installation.