Introduction to Movi's insurance service

  • Low Insurance Premium Fee that suitable with customer’s demand.
  • Insurance Coverage Extend to cover all risk can occur
  • High coverage value to reduce the damage of risk occur
  • Easy to purchase – Quick compensation
  • 100% Paperless and online experience anywhere anytime

Just 3 simple steps:

  • Becoming Movi member
  • Approval cash loan funded by Bank
  • Actively to apply insurance for each cash loan through Movi digital platform.

How to claim

  • The Insured Person or the legalized heir needs to notify the Insurance Company / Movi for guidance on the procedures for preparing documents on each case.
    Insurance company hotline: 1900 9249
    Hotline Movi: 1800 6669
  • After being approved, the Insured Person (consumer) / Relative of the Customer will be received the premium.