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Movi provides Movi Benefit program for employees, which’s to bring sustainable life & well-being to the Vietnamese labor force.

We have been on the mission to make our financial support solutions accessible to all 10,000,000 million workers across Vietnam by providing our products and services through excellence, innovation, and integrity.

Bring Employee Benefit Program to all workers and family across Viet nam



Provide your workers with access to essential home appliances and electronics with 0% interest installment plans. Through Movi, workers and their families are able to have access to essential products and services that make their life more enjoyable.


We make it really convenient for your workers to get a loan


The mobile app is easy to navigate and user friendly


Empower your workers to achieve more through financial education


No hidden fees- your workers know exactly what they are paying for

Advantage of Movi Benefit Program

Simple procedure, Free registration

Enjoy products & services first, pay later

Deferred payment period is up to 24 months(*) (*) Subject to the type of goods, services and supplier’s policies from time to time

High quality – Authentic products

Buy installments without upfront payment

Personal information secured

Flexible and convenient payment mehtods

Attractive promotions

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