Recently, Viet Phu Payment Services Support Company (MOVI Benefits Program) has accompanied with the activities of the Vietnam Education & Training Union at the Conference to improve the quality of female workers' work that was took place on May 17, 2021 at Vinh University, Nghe An.

This is also the activity towards the 70th anniversary of t the Vietnam Education & Training Union establishment (1951 - 2021).

Attending the conference, there were 130 delegates who were the Chairwoman, Vice Chairman and Head of the Women's provinces and cities; College of National Universities, Regional Universities, Universities, Pedagogical Colleges; units directly under the College of Education and a number of other universities across the country. In the morning of the same day, MOVI representatives and 150 representatives of key Union women from Education & Training sector together visited Uncle Ho’s hometown in Nam Dan, Nghe An.

At the conference, there were the participation of Mr. Vu Minh Duc - President of Vietnam Education & Training Union and Ms. Trinh Thanh Hang - Head of Women's Affairs Department of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor were speaking and sharing with delegates female workers on a number of specific issues such as gender equality, female public club activities, listening skills ...

Beside of the conference, MOVI Benefits Program Representative - Ms. Khong Huong Lan - Representative of government relations department had an update to the representatives of the provinces and cities about MOVI benefits program. MOVI aims to expand products - services to

serve customers who are Union members - employees working at formal education organizations.

According to the MOVI Benefits program implementation cooperation agreement signed with Vietnam Education & Training Union in 2018, MOVI aims to implement the benefits program at all levels to serve more than 1, 5 million members belong to the Basic Education & Training Union of 63 provinces. MOVI is expected to pilot in the units of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to get practical ideas and feedback to implement the MOVI welfare program on a large scale.

The press agencies reported the event such as:

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