About Movi

We are Prosperity Builders. We work to improve lives, create security and a comfortable living. MOVI is on a mission to lead the financial services industry and shape a culture of financial literacy in Vietnam.

We at MOVI aim to make available financial services by enabling our customers to achieve their dreams in a financially responsible manner. We want to achieve nationwide financial inclusion for all workers in Vietnam by providing our products and services through excellence, innovation and integrity.

  • Vision

    The vision of Movi is to be the leading and most trusted digital financial services company to achieve national financial inclusion and shape a culture of financial literacy in VietNam
  • Mission

    The mission of Movi is to advance the prosperity of our customers by providing fair and ethical access to credit through our magical products and services, enabling them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations

Value Proposition

  • Meritocratic

    At Movi we believe, our culture is agile, customer-oriented and collaborative. Inclusive Meritocracy at Movi stands for diversity where people and performance matters.
  • Openness and optimism

    To make MOVI the natural home for the fine and brightest, and to attract the next generation of talent, we are able to champion a culture across MOVI characterized via the values of openness, optimism and a dedication to incredible work.
  • Visionary

    We want Movi to be recognized as a leader in creativity and technology that incorporates a simpler, fast and easy offer designed to capture the opportunities of a changing marketplace, and a streamlined structure built around the needs of our customers
  • Integrity

    Integrity is our core and is that the basis of everything. It is about following the law of the land and more. It is about delivering on our commitments, concerning honesty and fairness in action. It's being ethical beyond any doubt, within the toughest of occasions and challenges

Season of


MOVI provides you with many Buy Now - Pay Later products and insurance products that are simple, fast and transparent.

  • Easy

    Buy Now - Pay Later at MOVI you do not need to pay in advance, easily view and buy products through MOVI's sales channels. MOVI encourages you to register as a member to be cared for and receive the most exclusive offers.
  • Simple

    Workers who are already MOVI members always experience the best purchase, payment and after-sales journey. The process of checking order status, warranty is simple. MOVI accompanies you throughout the Buy Now - Pay Later process, timely support as well as bring outstanding values in the purchase process.
  • Fast

    In order for products to reach you quickly, MOVI minimizes order processing time, speeds up the delivery process.
    Now customers can actively register MOVI membership through MOVI Member application or registration support links on MOVI's official website www.movi