Where to go when traveling in Da Lat?

Should travel in Da Lat?

Traveling in Da Lat to enjoy a cool, poetic and lyrical atmosphere from the vast pine forests, the flower gardens all year round, the fragrance blooms, making people come and not want to go, people go and remember forever. stop.

  • Hidden away in the Central Highlands, Da Lat plays the cooler cousin to Vietnam's seaside destinations. Famous for its countryside charm, Da Lat draws couples, wellness seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • This mountain resort town was once a summer getaway for the French, who left their mark in the European-inspired architecture and countless lakes.
  • Da Lat's main lake is the centre of the action, but amazing natural wonders await in the hills all around.

đi du lịch ở đà lạt

Top things to do in Da Lat

  • Xuan Huong Lake is the focal point of Da Lat city.
  • Nearby, the stalls of the central market are packed with fresh flowers and colourful produce.
  • Colonial architecture abounds in churches, art-deco hotels, and the charming railway station.

Play a round of golf 

  • At 5,000 feet above sea level, Da Lat’s golf clubs feature hilly terrains and pine forests.
  • Da Lat is home to one of the country’s oldest courses, the Dalat Palace Golf Club.
  • Opened in 1933, the 18-hole course remains an iconic experience.

Hike, bike, or find a waterfall

  • Da Lat is an adventure destination in its own right.
  • The dramatic terrain lends itself well to hiking, mountain biking and canyoning.
  • Follow local guides to explore Bidoup Nui Ba National Park, or blaze your own trails on Lang Biang mountain.

Sample local coffee culture

  • Coffee is an integral part of Da Lat’s heritage and some of Vietnam’s best coffee is grown on the slopes around the town and served in local cafes.
  • Visit K’Ho Coffee for a full tour of their sustainable farm and roastery.

Ride the train

  • Though Da Lat's tracks no longer link up with Vietnam's north-south railway line, you can hop on a train out to Trai Mat for a visit to the spectacular, mosaic-covered Linh Phuoc Pagoda, taking in the scenery en route.

Da Lat Weather

  • Often referred to as the city of eternal spring, Da Lat’s temperate climate is a highlight of every visit.
  • Be sure to bring a jumper if you visit between November and January, and an umbrella for the rainfall from April to November.

Means of travel in Dalat

  • Da Lat airport is only 30km south of town and connects with major centers from North to South.
  • A sleeper bus will take you from Ho Chi Minh City, while the surrounding areas of Mui Ne and Nha Trang are only a few hours away by car or shuttle.
  • Adventurous travelers will love to go sightseeing by motorbike.
  • Popular routes to Elephant Falls, neighboring K'ho villages, or Tuyen Lam Lake.
  • The town is easily accessible on foot or by taxi.

To go to and from Da Lat, visitors can use the following means: plane, car, motorbike.

  • This is the most popular means of transport, loved by young people because of its convenience, the driver can control his own trip and route.
  • What you need to prepare is just a full tank of gas and a phone with 3G to check the map.
  • The advice is to only apply this way of travel for you in the South such as Saigon and surrounding areas, because from Saigon to Da Lat only about 300 trees, not too long and not too short for those who want to travel. people who travel long distances by motorbike.
  • If you already know the road, just keep running, it will take about 10 hours to get there.
  • The time usually chosen is night or dawn, to arrive just in time for the new day and you can enjoy a full day in the foggy city.
  • On the way, remember to ask for directions when the location map is unreliable, or the feeling of going the wrong way.
  • Sometimes the map is just wrong because Dalat road has many mountains and forests.
  • I've walked and lost overnight in the forest myself, so please pay attention.
  • Da Lat people are gentle and cute, so don't be shy.
  • Choosing a bus to Da Lat, you can choose a Limousine or a sleeper, depending on the conditions.
  • The sleeper bus is more recommended, because the price is moderate, there is a comfortable place to lie down, you just need to get in the car to take a light nap and you will arrive at your destination smoothly.
  • The price of a sleeper bus to Da Lat ranges from 210 to 350,000 VND, which is relatively good for the space in Saigon.
  • Service is also good, there are two-way air conditioners, warm blankets, TV screens in each compartment and reading lights.
  • There are more than 100 buses/day departing from many points in Saigon.
  • You just need to wait, get in the car and sleep well overnight, 5 hours drive and in the morning you can sit and sip coffee on the top of romantic LangBiang.
  • In addition to the above two means, traveling by air is also one of the optimal options.
  • If calculated nationwide, then this is the most used means to go to Da Lat, because it is suitable for people in the North, Central and even abroad.
  • Currently in Vietnam, there are three airlines operating the Hanoi - Da Lat route and vice versa: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Bamboo Airways.



Vietnam Airlines

Vietjet Air

Bamboo Airways

Hanoi <–> Da Lat

2 trips/day



Da Lat -> Hanoi


3 trips/day


Ho Chi Minh <–> Da Lat

2 trips/day


5 trips/week

Da Lat - Ho Chi Minh


3 trips/day


Da Lat -> Hai Phong


4 trips/week


Da Nang <–> Da Lat

4 trips/day



Da Lat – Vinh


1 trips/day



The advantage of going by plane is that you get good service and quick travel time.

  • Departing from Hanoi, it takes you about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Lien Khuong airport, a day in Da Lat waiting with full energy that has never been wasted like riding a motorbike.
  • But the airport procedure will be a bit complicated for first-timers, after check-in is through the security counter, remember to put your electronics in a separate tray to pass through the scanner.
  • A few months before the expected date of going to Da Lat, you should look for cheap tickets.
  • Airlines like Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Bamboo Airways often have very economical flights, suitable for newcomers to work, or self-sufficient travel.
  • Or you can buy air tickets with payment later at Movi when choosing Vietjet Air.
  • With cheap tickets, there is usually no checked baggage fee, but you have to buy more expensive, only 7 pounds of hand luggage.
  • So the packing-up should also be considered, only bring the really important things, the rest can be bought and used in Da Lat, the price in Da Lat is relatively cheap, so don't worry.
  • If you go on a tour with a guide, you don't need to worry much about the schedule, because there is a tour arrangement.
  • If you travel on your own, then in addition to a thorough research schedule, you also need a motorbike to get around.

In Da Lat, there is a very cheap daily motorbike rental service, the number car is only from 80k / day and the scooter like Novo is about 120-150k / day, car delivery and just one phone call, 10 minutes later You already have a car to move around freely.

It is recommended that you take a car, because Da Lat has many steep hills, there are steep sections that cannot be reached by scooter.

  • In Da Lat today, there is no train transfer to Da Lat, but you can choose a train to Da Lat by other ways such as.
  • Take the train from Hanoi to Thap Cham station, Ninh Thuan, then take a bus back to Da Lat, about 100km.
  • This bus route is about 80-100k, you can also catch the Nha Trang - Da Lat bus for the same price.

But if you want to give it a try, why not?

  • Regarding train tickets, you should book at least 2 months in advance to get half the price.
  • This price is suitable for students, going in a crowd, want to experience the feeling of going through the pass, looking at Lang Co Bay in the dawn light when crossing the Hai Van pass.
  • Travel time takes about 24-29 hours depending on weather conditions.
  • But in return for that time is the experience with the people on the train and a feeling of not being in a hurry, ready to integrate into the "contemplative" atmosphere of the dream city.

Only people who are far away from Da Lat should choose this vehicle, but when it comes to Saigon, the bus is still the best (because the train route from Saigon to Da Lat is currently not working again), and in comparison, costs will be less expensive.

Above we have shared information about traveling in Da Lat. Wish you have a happy and meaningful vacation.