Buy airline tickets pay later at MOVI

Buy airline tickets pay later at MOVI is a solution to help customers afford Vietjet Air's easy air travel plan.

Buy airline tickets pay later allows customers to book flights now and pay later with the 0% installment program similar to our buy now pay later products.

Monthly installment plans are available for limited destinations. Therefore, you must check the terms and conditions and programs for your preferred destination before booking your flight.

You can visit our website www.baytruoctrasau.vn to book Vietjet Air tickets with MOVI and enjoy your travel with payment flexibility.
It gives you more time to plan your travel and secures travel plans for the dates you want.

Buy airline tickets pay later allows customers to enjoy easy and hassle-free monthly installments when booking flights to their desired destination and paying later. This option or our program allows you to secure your preferred flight reservation and its fare for the next 72 hours.

mua vé máy bay thanh toán sau

Procedure buy airline tickets pay later from Movi

  • Step 01: Customers visit Vietjet Air website to consult information and choose Tickets suitable to customers' needs.
  • Step 02: At the step of selecting Payment method, Customer selects "Pay Now", then selects "Movi" for support in buying Tickets from Movi Agent
  • Step 03: The Customer enters the ID/CCCD information that the Customer has registered as a Movi Member for the system to identify the Movi Member information. When the Movi system confirms that the Customer is indeed a Movi Member, the system will automatically link to Movi's website for the Customer to perform the payment steps.
  • Step 04:
    • Customer checks personal information at Movi's payment website and selects "Term" of deferred payment, installment payment in accordance with Customer's financial ability and selects "Agree".
    • The system will display information related to the customer's deferred payment, installment payment such as: amount of deferred payment, installment payment per month; the first payment period; fees, etc., so that the Customer has full information before deciding to pay.
  • Step 05: Customer reads and understands the Terms and Conditions of the program and selects “Agree”.
  • Step 06: Customer enters OTP sent to Customer's registered mobile number as a Movi Member to confirm and complete payment.
  • Step 07: After the purchase of Tickets distributed by Movi Agent is completed, the Customer will receive a notification of successful transaction according to the method Movi deems appropriate from time to time and the Ticket information will be provided by Vietjet Air. sent to Customers via Vietjet Air's prescribed method

MOVI agents do not limit the maximum number of air ticket installment that each customer can buy through the distribution channel, by the method of deferred payment, by installment payment, within the available transaction limit of that customer.

The total amount that the customer is obliged to pay to the MOVI agent when buying tickets through the distribution channel and choosing to pay by the method of deferred payment or installment payment (“total payment value”) will include:

  • Fare.
  • Fees and surcharges (if any) related to the use of Vietjet Air's services in accordance with Vietjet Air's policies and regulations.
  • Fees and surcharges (if any) related to the purchase of Tickets through the Distribution Channel in accordance with the policies and regulations of Movi and Movi Agents.
  • Types of taxes and fees incurred in accordance with current regulations

Buy airline tickets pay later here means you will be allowed to fly now pay later, is an alternative flight booking approach to spread the cost of your fare. You can check all options buy now pay later for your airline tickets notified in your email or text message.