What knowledge do I need to buy a prepaid phone?

Should I buy a prepaid phone?

Buying a phone on installment has become an essential need in modern life, because to buy a good, quality product, the price must be cheap and not everyone can afford it.

  • That is why we need to buy phones in installments to reduce the financial burden.
  • Buying a phone on installment will usually incur a certain interest rate, but if you find a supplier that offers a 0% interest program, you won't need to bear any interest.

When should we buy a installment phone?

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  • When you have a need to buy a phone to use for work, life or as a gift;
  • When you feel that buying a phone is beyond your existing financial means;
  • A quality phone often comes with a high cost, so buying a phone in installments has become a smart consumer's choice;
  • With the form of installment purchase, consumers only need to pay an amount in advance, the remaining amount will be paid monthly or according to a certain period of time (3 months, 6 months, 12 months...).

Benefits of buying in installments?

  • The first benefit that needs to be mentioned is that you will immediately own a product that meets your urgent needs without having to wait until you have money or have to use your savings;
  • We will not have to hesitate to buy a product of great value, but just spend a small amount of money to be able to buy what we need;
  • Installing purchases will help you reduce your financial burden and balance your spending;
  • This is a form of loan that does not require collateral;

In addition to the convenience, there are a few things to pay attention to when buying in installments:

  • Buying goods through installments will have a more complicated procedure than buying a one-time payment, in addition to you having to provide full identification and personal information, a credit institution will lend you a loan. need to call relatives to verify information;
  • Buying goods with this form you will have to bear a higher cost, because the installment loan will have an additional interest rate;
  • Often some of the credit unions associated with the store that provide you with an installment loan will require you to purchase additional loan insurance, which will cost you an additional cost;
  • You need to prepare a small amount of money to pay a part of the product value upfront.

Receive Samsung super products with 0% interest

  • Samsung is considered a big player in the mobile device industry, having a 0% interest installment payment program for all genuine Samsung products when customers make payments on Samsung online store by credit card. Use until December 31, 2022 and complete online registration with products worth over 5,000,000 VND.
  • The installment period is 12 months, especially opening a 24-month package for customers using HSCB and HD Bank cards.

How to join Movi's 0% installment plan?

  • In addition to buying in installments directly at the company, customers can buy genuine installment phones at Movi application or can register for 0% installment payment by themselves at Movi's Website, from the date of purchase along with billing information. application and warranty information of the product at no additional cost.

Please contact the installment purchase of mobile phone products at Movi to help you optimize your finances with 0% interest during this difficult time.