Installment purchase with 0 interest at Movi

What is installment purchase?

Installment purchases are payment solutions that allow online shoppers to pay over time – often for a lower amount.

Advantages of installment purchases

  • Installment purchases can be a great way to fund large purchases at a low cost, especially if you choose a structure that fits your spending habits.
  • For those who like to shop, there are more ways to pay than ever before.
  • Alternative ways to fund your high-value purchases are trending, with installment services leading the way.
  • Such services are built to compete allowing customers to pay for their purchases over time – at a much lower cost.
  • A fixed fee solution in place of interest fees, while reducing interest rates to a minimum.

When to buy installments?

  • If you have any high-value purchases that you want to finance without paying significant fees, then taking advantage of an alternative payment service can be a great way to lower your interest rates.
  • Fortunately, the terms and refund fees vary between these programs, so it's likely that you can find one that fits your spending habits.
  • From traditional loans to store sponsorships, there are all sorts of alternatives to paying for a large purchase.
  • An increasingly popular option is the installment package structure.
  • With an installment plan, you'll pay your purchase in a fixed amount, usually equal to a set repayment term.
  • Some services limit you to a repayment term – such as four payments over six weeks.
  • While some installment plans charge fixed interest rates, most are designed to skip interest with a small fixed fee.
  • Whether this fee falls on consumers or sellers varies depending on the payment program.

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How to buy ins installments at Movi?

  • Movi and its partners offer genuine products in many different industries, such as phones (Samsung, Oppo,...), electronics, refrigeration, household ,...
  • All these products, Movi and partners allow customers to pay 0% interest ins installments with a period of 3-6 months.
  • Customers only have to pay a reasonable service fee.
  • Prices, installment periods, service fees (if any) related to each physical product will be clearly listed to the Customer before the Customer decides to make a purchase.

Flexible installment purchases on optional installments at Movi

  • Movi and its partners propose to the Customer a standard installment term for each physical product.
  • However, if there is a need, the Customer can completely choose the long-term or short installment term over the proposed term.
  • If the Customer chooses an installment term longer than the proposed term, the Customer may in return for an additional reasonable service fee.

To use Movi' s installment product, please see our detailed product catalog.
Or contact us directly via Hotline 18006669 (free of charge) for better advice.