Three tips to help you reap the benefits of installment purchases

For stores, embracing consumer needs in business means finding innovative ways to give shoppers what they want, when they want it.

This has led more and more stores to think about allowing their customers to pay in monthly installments. This is already very popular in consumer culture in countries like Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Greece, Mexico and Israel, but this installment method is relatively new in the US market. This makes things more of a challenge for merchants looking to navigate the form of payment to find solutions that fit both the needs of their business and the desires of their customers.

Given the potential risks of different payment solutions, here are a few ways you can ensure that offering flexible payments is mutually beneficial.

Consider your budget

From a consumer's perspective, it's not hard to see the value of installment payments. They allow shoppers to spread the cost of their purchases, making it easier to fit within their budget. When stores offer consumers payment options that better suit their financial needs, consumers will spend more.

But while flexible payments can boost your bottom line, you also have to consider the budget impact of different solutions. You should take into account the purchase and setup costs of various solutions, as well as potential checkout process fees that can erode profits. If your business has a large international customer base, it is essential to choose a solution that supports multiple currencies and can operate across borders. This will ensure you can avoid exchange rates, and most importantly, you won't have to deploy different payment solutions for each country your business operates in.

Avoid unnecessary complications and risks

Some payment alternatives involve the financial provider performing the credit approval process. This requires customers to apply for funding and requires data transfer that can put your business at risk of exposure under privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Code and privacy regulations consumer investment.

Solutions based on traditional financial credit processing provide a simpler, more efficient funding route while reducing both credit and data security risks. Such options will only approve purchases if the average shopper's income is sufficient, while they minimize the collection and transfer of sensitive customer data.

Get paid on time

Make sure you know the payment settlement terms of the various alternative payment options.

Some flexible payment providers don't pay you for the cost of your purchase until the customer has made all the installment payments - an arrangement that can easily cut into your bottom line. By using only solutions that guarantee on-time payments, you can avoid financial trouble and protect your revenue.

As innovation advances in technology at breakneck speed, new providers are emerging to fill the market demand for greater payment flexibility. With more and more stores realizing that flexible payment options can help win over budget-conscious consumers and increase customer loyalty, this dynamic is likely to boost sales. development of installment payments in countries including the United States. Knowing what questions to ask and what risks to avoid can help you choose payment solutions that benefit your business and your customers.

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