The average income can own an Iphone 13 Pro Max phone?

What is the iPhone 13 Pro Max phone?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a new super product that inherits the typical design from the iPhone 12 Pro Max and is most anticipated in the second half of 2021 from Apple.

The machine has a design that is not very groundbreaking when compared to its predecessor, inside this is still a product with a super beautiful screen, the refresh rate is upgraded to 120 Hz smoothly, the camera sensor has a larger size, With powerful performance and power from Apple A15 Bionic, ready to conquer any challenge with you.

Own an iPhone 13 Pro Max

Ms. Ngan shared:

“I'm an office worker, 27 years old, earning 12 million/month, seeing that everyone has a beautiful, luxurious, and genuine Iphone 13 pro max, so I also want to buy it, but my monthly salary has to pay a lot of living expenses.

So it can't be bought and paid once, 128G is now 29 million VND/machine.

Now, the phone I am using is also old, the capacity is small, and the quality of the photos is not sharp.

I suddenly saw that some of my friends introduced me to a unit that supports direct payment solutions with phone companies through an application on the phone, so I can immediately own the phone I like.

I learned more about the Movi unit name that you introduced, and then I signed up for the service myself through the Movi application, now I own an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

When I buy installment here, the installment application is simple, just need to have ID card/CCCD with household registration book or driver's license, the time to approve the application is also quite fast.

I bought the phone for 33,990,000 VND with 50% prepayment and amortization within 6 months, I only need to pay about 2 million VND per month."

I am very happy and satisfied with the service here, both owning my favorite items and not having to bear the financial burden.

điện thoại iphone 13 pro max

Instructions to register for installment purchase service at Movi

  • Step 1: Sign up for installment purchase
    • Customers select, order products and register for installment purchase with Movi (Hotline, Zalo, Facebook)
  • Step 2: Consult the procedure
    • After receiving your request to register for installment purchase, the financial institution's staff will contact you to advise in detail the installment payment process and procedures.
  • Step 3: Review your profile
    • After receiving the required documents, the financial institution will conduct the appraisal, approve the application and respond to the results in the fastest time.
    • If your application is approved, you will proceed to step 4.
  • Step 4: Sign the contract and receive the product
    • After the profile is approved, the customer signs the donation document (at home / store) and receives the product.

Terms of purchase installments in Movi?

  • Conditions and original documents required
  • ID/CCCD is still valid.
  • Driver's License / Passport

In addition to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, in the future you can own more high-end phones from other technology companies, maybe 14 Pro Max, or Samsung New, etc., as you like.

If you are still looking for a reputable purchase installment company, you can contact Movi, or if you have information about a good source of installment loans, you can advise me right here in this article.

Thank you!