Note when buying installment refrigeration products

Should buy refrigeration products on installment?

You usually have to pay a certain interest rate on installment purchase of refrigeration products, but this will not happen if you can find a product supplier with a 0% interest rate.

When to buy Refrigeration Installment?

  • Preparing to welcome Tet, families often have a series of shopping lists, such as clothes, food, household items, furniture, train tickets, etc.
  • In particular, refrigeration is the most expensive expense.
  • Therefore, buying in installments of refrigeration products such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and air purifiers is a solution that many families consider.
  • With the form of installment purchase, consumers only have to pay a part when buying, the rest will be paid monthly, according to a certain term (6 months, a year...).
  • Installment sales are usually the affiliate program of the sales unit, with a credit institution or bank.
  • Accordingly, credit institutions lend money to buyers to purchase goods with the same principal and interest repayment periods.

Benefits of buying in installments

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  • You only need to spend a small amount of money, and you can immediately own a great value item without having to wait for enough savings or borrow from relatives and friends.
  • The money you should have paid off to buy an air conditioner or refrigerator, you can transfer to other expenses.
  • Buying in installments, you reduce your financial burden when you have to pay various living expenses, especially during Tet.
  • As a form of borrowing money but buying goods in installments, consumers do not need to mortgage assets.
  • However, besides the advantages, buying in installments can also cause some problems.
  • First, the installment purchase procedure will be more complicated than a one-time payment, because in addition to completing the relevant documents, the buyer also has to wait for the bank, the unit associated with the seller to verify the financial status. main.
  • Buying in installments, you may incur a higher price than a one-time payment at the time of purchase, due to the interest on the installment payment.
  • In addition, many credit institutions, when affiliated with the store, lend you money to buy goods on installments, all require you to buy insurance for the loan, causing you to lose an extra amount.

0% installment payment from the company, what benefits do consumers get?

  • When buying items with 0% interest installment, consumers will not have to pay interest.
  • If buying directly from the company, consumers will be able to simplify the installment loan procedures because the company has taken this responsibility.
  • That is the sales model that Daikin Vietnam is combining with Payoo payment gateway to maximize support for consumers at the end of the year.
  • Specifically, Daikin and Payoo have implemented a 0% interest installment payment program for consumers when buying Daikin products by credit card at any point of sale nationwide.
  • This is also one of the pioneering domestic air conditioners to apply the 0% installment program directly with the company to support all intermediate installment purchase costs and simplify loan procedures for users.
  • Buyers do not have to pay interest fees, are flexible in payment time, keep customer information confidential, but also save time in carrying out paperwork when they want to buy installments at the store.
  • Banks participating in Daikin Vietnam's 0% interest installment program include ACB, VietinBank, Eximbank, HSBC, SCB, Sacombank, VPBank and BIDV.

How to join Movi's 0% installment program is simple.

  • Customers can buy Daikin products in installments at the application itself or can register for 0% installment payment by themselves through Movi's website, from the date of purchase along with invoice information and product warranty information. without incurring any other costs.
  • The application of the 0% interest installment program is a financial support solution in Movi's strategy to support Daikin Vietnam's customers.

Contact the installment purchase of refrigeration products at Movi to save your split budget with 0% interest during these difficult times.