How you can save money when booking flight tickets online

Booking flight tickets online can save money with the following ways

Booking airline tickets online is the main step in arranging your travel or business trips by air.

The summer heat demands a relaxing weekend getaway.

Everything must be carefully planned, from selecting a destination to purchasing airline tickets, hotels to stay in, and sites to visit, among other things.

Booking flight tickets is the primary step to arranging a trip and to make things easier and more comfortable.

Tips to save money when booking flight tickets online.

đặt vé máy bay online

1. Book your flights beforehand
  • If your travel dates and destination are set, we recommend that you book your flight tickets as soon as possible.
  • The reason for this is that as your travel date gets closer, flight fares will only rise, with very few exceptions.
  • By ordering pay later, you can save a lot of money and spend it on other fun activities.
2. Choose cheapest day to travel
  • According to research, purchasing flight tickets at midnight results in lower air fares from Monday to Wednesday.
3. Compare and purchase airline tickets
  • With so many websites to pick from, make an informed decision before booking your trip.
  • Only after comparing pricing should you make the call.
  • To book your flight tickets on the cheapest fares, you must test each of them and compare the air fares for different networks.
4. Search flights in incognito mode
  • After several searches, the website raises the fare so that you can book your travel right away.
  • When looking for flights, use incognito mode.
  • Your past searches will not be saved, and you will not see increased flight fares.
  • To receive reduced rates, you can also browse from a different laptop/computer or erase your cookies.
5. Set up online fare notifications
  • Make sure to get fare alerts when you visit airline websites.
  • This allows you to find out about special offers before they sell out, allowing you to buy cheap airline tickets.
  • You can also hear about various specials and offers by following the social media of airlines in Vietnam such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways.

In addition, you can also refer to the online installment payment support service in the fly now pay later product of MOVI, which is directly linked with Vietjet Air.

Immediately call MOVI's hotline 1800.6669 for better service advice.