4 main advantages of installment purchase

Installment purchases are a financial aid feature of Movi, a way to spread the cost of buying high-value physical products at 0% interest, with a one-time fee. You can choose to refund plans for a period of 3 to 24 months. If you have enough credit available, you can have up to 10 plans in your account.

Installing purchases means you pay no interest and can repay your item in equal small installments, which makes it easier for you to manage what you've purchased. It's part of your existing line of credit, so you won't need to do any paperwork or check your credit to get started.

Bundle reimbursement will make your minimum monthly payment higher, so make sure you can afford the increase before setting up a plan.

The one-time fee for each plan depends on how long you want and the amount of your purchase and will be added to your purchase, so it will be refunded as part of your plan.

What are the 4 main advantages of installment purchases?

Believe it or not, installment purchases are still your best friend, especially when it comes to paying for high-value items and other major expenses. It all comes down to the installment plan. Splitting your total one-time expenses into fixed monthly payments will help you stay on top of your financial game. This gives you the necessary financial flexibility that will make budgeting more manageable.
Here we have gathered some research and listed the advantages of buying on installments to help you better understand its benefits.

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1. Installment purchases let you make smart payments

If you have enough resources, you can always buy and pay in full. But you don't want to drop your cash entirely, do you? By choosing to buy in installments, you'll have the flexibility to purchase without having to deplete your cash reserves, and in this day and age, cash savings are available for emergencies and unforeseen events.

2. Make your unwanted purchases without spending on your budget

In terms of installment purchases, it's easy to capture unplanned but essential purchases or payments into your budget - especially important for those who own a household and have a budget limit. By benefiting from installment plans, you have more flexibility to spend without fear of any major financial hitches.

3. It allows you to reach your purchase cost in a controllable period of time

Without a doubt, installments allow you to buy things that you would otherwise have to give away if you paid in full. Depending on your cash flow timeframe, you can choose to pay in installments and your payment range is up to 30 months. Here we recommend you to buy your desired product from Movi online store and easily take advantage of offers to save more finance on your every purchase. You can buy your desired product in installments and divide the total amount by the payment method each month.

4. You can better track your finances

With a choice of payment term, you can extend your payments and manage how much you need to pay weekly or monthly. Add this to your daily expenses and you'll have a clear picture of your total expenses - whether you're in or out of your monthly allowance. Thus, making it easier for you to run and track your finances.

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