Vietnam General Confederation Of Labor Re-new The Agreement Of Cooperating The Program "Benefits For Members And Employees" With Viet Phu (MOVI)

To continue maintaining and improving workers’ material and spiritual life at partner factories, Viet Phu (Movi) joined the signing Ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement on the implementation of "BENEFITS FOR MEMBERS AND EMPLOYEES" held in Hanoi on December 17, 2019.


At this Ceremony, Mr. Ngo Duy Hieu, Vice President VGCL re-signed the Cooperation Agreement on the implementation of Benefits Program for the labor union members and employees with Viet Phu’ General Director - Mr. Bruce Allan Butler. According to the Agreement, Viet Phu has committed to discount up to 8% of the sale price of all goods and products compared to the price of such goods, products sold to the market by Viet Phu/its subsidiaries/its partners for immediate payment to labor union members and workers

In addition to promoting the supply of essential goods and services for daily consumption, Viet Phu continues to cooperate with partner suppliers in providing installment purchase and deferred payment. Accordingly, workers are entitled to purchase, use services in installments payment for up to 06 (six) months, 0% interest for products and goods purchased from Viet Phu/its subsidiaries /its partners.

In particular, in order to provide workers with a financial support, meet the demand for using money in emergency case and help the labor union members reduce the risk from the "black credit" loan. Viet Phu has cooperated with banks and credit institutions to provide the cash advance in installment payment servicesinstallment payment services with the value of cash advance package  01 month, VND 03 million, and VND 06 million and the refund term are 01, 03 and  06 months. , ... and other product packages with reasonable fees, in accordance with the needs, wages, income of labor union members and employees. We commit to provide a fast, flexible advance service, with simple and convenient documentation. The customer will receive the money shortly after the advance has been approved by the partner banks and credit institutions.

With the re-signing of the Cooperation Agreement on implementation of the Benefits Program for the labor union members and workers with the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Viet Phu once again affirmed its commitment to bringing the more comfortable, fulfilling life for workers. We believe that the material and spiritual life of the employees who has been and will be a member of our "iCare Benefit Program will get better.

The renew event was widely circulated in TV, newspapers and published in typical paper and electronic newspapers such as Lao Dong, Nguoi Lao Dong, Nhan Dan, Dang Cong San Viet Nam, Dan Tri, Sai Gon Liberation, Safe Life Electronic Newspaper, General Federation Portal and VOH television stations (Vietnam News Agency), Ho Chi Minh TV.