In the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic in the provinces and cities, the lives of many workers across the country are facing many difficulties, due to job loss, rotating leave, reduced working hours, reduced income, etc.. 

Understanding the difficulties of workers, on August 1st, 2021, Viet Phu Payment Services Support Corporation (organizer of MOVI Benefits program) and its partners (goods, services suppliers in the MOVI Benefits Program) issued a debt rescheduling policy for customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (expected within 3 months); until now, the program has been applied at 80 factories partner that are significantly affected by the pandemic (with a total number of 83,594 workers)

Through timely support policies, workers can reduce some financial pressure to feel secure in pandemic prevention. Additionally, MOVI is implementing many preferential price programs and supporting up to 1,200 FMCG gifts for customers in August.

With the spirit of mutual support, MOVI always accompanies and brings the best values to employees. All products and services provided by MOVI always ensure 3 main goals in the essential value chain that employees aim to achieve;

See the positive feedback from MOVI members when receiving notice of the support debt rescheduling policy.

MOVI is proud to be the pioneer organization to accompany the Federation, Union implemented benefits programs, to care for the life of the Employees

Overall information about Viet Phu Company (MOVI benefits program)

Founded in 2007, formerly known as the first e-wallet in Vietnam, 2013 iCare benefits program launched and developed until 2019, iCare was renamed to MOVI.

Up to now, MOVI has implemented benefits program at more than 300+ factories, reaching about 1.7 million workers (included more than 700,000 member customers nationwide) and MOVI currently has 29 Centers at 18 provinces, cities.

Over 09 years of establishment and development, MOVI has constantly made efforts to improve all aspects, upgrade technology innovation to ensure that customers have great experiences in products and services that MOVI is providing:

  • Essential electronic and electrical goods with 0% interest installment payment

  •   MOVI cooperates with reputable banks, financial and insurance partners to provide cash advance services with flexible support for helping the Employee to settle the arising monthly fees and reduce the risks from black credit institutions.