Personal loans can make a real difference for South Africans

Personal loan can change your life for the better, true stories of personal loans that have made a real difference in life.

Personal loans from reputable lenders have changed lives for the better and are bringing the stigma of personal loans to the fore.

South Africans are starting to change the stigma around personal loans by showing how they have changed their lives and those around them. Through the real campaign in South Africa, more inspiring true loan stories of ordinary South Africans are being demonstrated.

People share their experiences of how loans have enhanced their lives, changing the negative sentiment that exists about personal loans.

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Here is the story of Lucia and Shirley:

Gauteng resident Lucia Ramulongo, like other working mothers across SA, just wants her daughter to have a happy and healthy life, and when challenges arise, she turns to help. help.

Ramulongo said: "When my precious Wavhudi was 5 months old, we found out she had a heart condition and needed urgent medical attention. My medical aid will not cover the cost and time is not on our side. Treatment is expensive and complicated. I felt as if I was falling apart, and I tried to focus on even simple tasks at work."

Desperate for a solution, she went to Nedbank to see what they could do for her.

"To my relief, I was eligible for a personal loan that I could pay off," she said. 'The loan helped me cover medical bills, transport fees and even accommodation near the hospital so I could be there supporting Wavhudi as she got through it all.

"A heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders and my beautiful girl has recovered well. She has returned home with us, and I can enjoy watching her grow into a happy, healthy child."

Shirley Thwala, also from Gauteng, and her sister did not have an easy life. After losing their mother at an early age, they have to rely on care and subsidies to survive.

"After a while, I tried to get into a training program and kept working until I was hired. I became the mainstay of my family early on in life, but as time went on, I realized that my income alone was not enough and I needed a long-term money-making solution to help me live. better family," said Thwala.

Approaching the bank, she talked to them about a rental business idea she had to help her generate additional income for her needs and that of her sister.

"From the beginning I felt comfortable because they helped me through the process. I received the money through a personal loan that I was able to pay off. I was able to renovate my family home by building a garage and three extra rooms, which we currently rent out. This provided my family with a steady source of income and meant that my sister could finally afford college."

These are just a few of the thousands of stories of ordinary South Africans using loans for the greater good, challenging the story of financial abuse by lenders.

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Despite strict regulations and laws against usury activities, market operators continue to take advantage of those in desperate circumstances.

Financial service providers have an important role to play in guiding and advising customers in the use of the right loan product, but also ensuring it is affordable and appropriate for the customer. As more people see how loans can change their lives for the better, South Africans are invited to share their true stories of how a personal loan has made a real difference. in their life and have a chance to win an Avo voucher worth R1,000.

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