I bought a Samsung refrigerator with Movi's "installment purchase" form

Dream of having a Samsung refrigerator

Samsung refrigerator is a European-style product and leads the modern trend, creating an impressive highlight with a modern, flat, spotless minimalist design, so it brings elegance and sophistication, in harmony with the world. most of the interior space today.

"I have lived and worked in the city. Ho Chi Minh City has been 7 years, parents in the countryside often send food in the countryside every month, but because there is no refrigerator to store, the fresh food does not keep for long and spoils quickly.

Being advised by a younger brother about Movi's "buying on installments" service, I boldly bought myself a refrigerator Samsung Inverter 208 Liter RT19M300BGS/SV.

Since then, it has helped my life become more comfortable, the food is fully stocked, fresh, no more rancid, wasted food."

tủ lạnh samsung

Here, I would like to share about how I made installment purchases at Movi.

How to buy installments at Movi?

Currently, Movi is providing customers with a series of easy, simple and fast physical products and cash advance services, including the "installment purchase" program.

The steps for you to register for installment purchases at Movi are as follows:

  • Step 1: Fill in the registration form to become a Movi member (if you are a new customer)
  • Step 2: Order within Movi's limit and choose a payment term that suits your financial ability
  • Step 3: Confirm the order
  • Step 4: Receive goods at Movi center or at home.

There is only one condition for you to make installment purchases at Movi, which is to register as a Movi member by downloading the registration form or by contacting the hotline 18006669 for support.

Thus, you also do not need to worry about providing insufficient records when buying installments at other financial companies.

Why do I choose Movi?

  • Simple procedures
  • Genuine products at competitive prices
  • Convenient way to buy
  • Convenient and easy payment
  • Delivery service
  • Dedicated after-sales mode

If you have not found a place to buy installments, then Movi will be the choice you should consider.