How do you Installments purchase in Movi?

Installment purchases are opportunities to help you buy a product that' s valuable without paying all the money at the same time for the store.

Installment purchases in movi are similar to, like other businesses are applying this program to their buyers.

However, each company has its own way of working on its services with customers.

For example

  • Service conditions
  • The attitude to the customer
  • The process of service
  • The price applies to products, …

In common of installment purchase at units and Movi:

  • It' s a payment support program for the buyer;
  • Attract customers and promote sales;
  • To apply the 0% interest rate;
  • Quick review time, …;
  • Associate with – financial units
  • Conditions for participation as personal information (Ages, ID/ Citizen id, household, vietnamese citizen, …);

The difference in Movi versus other units

Movi is a unit of payment and sale of main physical products of many different industries: phones, electronics, refrigeration, home appliances,...

  1. Simple participation conditions:
    • Registration becomes a member of movi here or the instructions below
  2. Genuine physical products, competitive prices products
    • New products imported from partners, the lowest price compared to the market means lower installment costs.
    • Genuine warranty for products, provided by Movi's direct suppliers.
    • See a list of Movi' s physical products here.
  3. Flexibility to choose short - term or long - term installment installment installment
  4. Easily managed and manipulate all information through Movi's application

mua trả góp

There are times when we need to buy something urgently that we cannot afford. Then installment purchases is the first solution for all.

Movi is providing customers with a wide range of physical products and fast cash advances. Typically connecting with customers at partner factories to support: simple and fast