Buy Samsung phones in installments 0% interest at Movi

Buying Samsung phones with 0% interest ins installments has never been easier and more budget-friendly than that at Movi.

Buying Samsung phones in installments is a great solution for tech devotees who want to own a luxury smartphone but are financially limited.

Movi is currently a direct partner with Samsung in providing interest-free installment payment solutions for its technology items such as smartphones, tablets, Smart Televisions, Washing Machines,.... in Vietnam market.

What if I told you that you can actually buy Samsung phones with interest-free installments?

I mean, you have the option to pay for a flexible period of time. Is it a good motivation for you to buy your favorite Samsung phone that you intend? Well, good news, I just want to share that information with you now.
Movi is giving customers the opportunity to buy Samsung phones in installments without interest. This agreement has a number of conditions that allow you to buy Samsung phones in bulk, and you can pay gradually.

Sounds too good to be true?

But wait until you read the complete package. At first, you might think that this offer will only be for cheap phones. In fact, this offer is also available for Samsung's flagship phones.

There are many phones that you can choose from and we have a list of Samsung phones below

Samsung Galaxy A02S

The Galaxy A02s perfectly combines streamlined design and classic colors. The body is meticulously finished with a soft curve, allowing for easy grip and use of the phone. Smooth back and striking color palette: Black, White and Blue give you a variety of color options, highlighting your personal impression.

RAM 4 GB | ROM 64 GB |  CAMERA 13 MP | PIN 5000 mAh

Mua trả góp Samsung Galaxy A02S

Samsung Galaxy A12

The Galaxy A12 stands out for its youthful and modernity thanks to its trendy color palette and perfect streamlined design. The body is meticulously finished with a soft curve, allowing for easy grip and use. Choose your personality colors: Black Breakthrough, White Focus or Breakthrough Blue, to confidently express your personal style.

RAM 4 GB | ROM 128 GB |  CAMERA 48 MP | PIN 5000 mAh

Mua trả góp Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

On your hands is a youthful and trendy Galaxy A32 5G. Stand out the seamless beauty with a sleek back and a minimalist, iconic rear camera design of the Galaxy A series. Choose 2 colors that represent your own personality: Creative Blue, Black Personality.

RAM 8 GB | ROM 128 GB |  CAMERA 48 MP | PIN 5000 mAh

Mua trả góp Samsung Galaxy A32

Samsung Galaxy A52 G

Whether you're focused on one task or doing multiple tasks at once, the Galaxy A52 5G offers outstanding performance thanks to an 8-character processor and up to 8GB of RAM. Comfortably access any data with 128GB of internal storage or expand storage space with an impressive microSD card up to 1TB.

RAM 8 GB | ROM 128 GB |  CAMERA 64 MP | PIN 4500 mAh

Mua trả góp Samsung Galaxy A52G

Samsung Galaxy A71

Elevate your class with the Galaxy A71's sleek, elegant curved screen design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Enjoy choosing impressive colors such as Blue Crush Multicolor, Silver Crush Metallic, Black Crush Diamond to express my personal imprint, bold personality.

RAM 6 GB | ROM 128 GB |  CAMERA 64 MP | PIN 4500 mAh

Mua trả góp Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung Galaxy  A72

Admire the soft curves on the sleek seamless design of the Galaxy A72. The minimalist camera case harmonizes with the rough background of the back, creating a modern solid appearance. You are free to express your own personality with trendy colors: Trendy Purple, Black Personality, Dynamic White

RAM 8 GB | ROM 256 GB |  CAMERA 64 MP | PIN 5000 mAh

Mua trả góp Samsung Galaxy A72

Samsung S21+5G

The Galaxy S21+5G is designed to make a breakthrough in video and photography quality, with a resolution higher than 8K resolution in movie quality, you can take great photos from videos at a fast pace. All come in two sizes: 64MP, our fastest chipset and ultra-strong battery used throughout the day.

RAM 8GB | ROM 128GB |  CAMERA 64MP | PIN 4800 mAh

Mua trả góp Samsung Galaxy S21

The above Samsung phone models are now available for installment purchases at Movi. It is important that you read the terms and conditions of our installment purchase service here: https://www.movi.vn/vi/dieu-kien-va-dieu-khoan

Then invite you directly to Movi's installment purchase process page according to the following link: https://www.movi.vn/vi/san-pham/mua-truoc-tra-sau

Now that you understand the terms and conditions, Please use this Link to access the page and select the Samsung Phone you want to buy installments at 0% interest at Movi. This offer is valid while we are in service.
Note that all phones here are not used phones, they are all completely new phones imported genuine from Samsung.