Fly now pay later with MOVI on Vietjet Air flights

Fly now pay later is a convenient and easy way to buy flights that help you manage your budget.

Fly now pay later also helps you to share the cost of air tickets into small interest-free payments or installments similar to buy now pay later products.

Features of fly now pay later

Airfare installments can be repaid monthly, weekly, or biweekly, depending on the payment provider and plan you choose.
MOVI is currently affiliated with Vietjet Air to provide postpaid air ticket payment support services for your needs.

When should you choose to fly now pay later?

Even if you're on the go, in a hurry and catching a last-minute flight, flying prepaid doesn't require any advance planning.
You can book your ticket today for tomorrow's flight without paying until a later date.

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Advantages of flying now pay later

Reduce financial burden

The service comes with easy terms and conditions without requiring collateral, credit checks, guarantors, prepayment or other regulations. You just need to find the airline tickets first and pay later through agencies such as MOVI. By choosing the MOVI monthly payment option, you reduce the economic consequences significantly. You can pay in installments for your airfare and manage the same from your earnings.

No hidden fees

You will never pay more than you saw at checkout. All fees and charges are included and no one will ask you for an extra penny. This puts you in a better position to map out your finances and how you can comfortably pay in splits. In addition, there are no hidden fees or other fees added later. Postpaid flight bookings are not a revolving line of credit, so if you decide one day in the future to purchase a plane ticket in installments, you can make a new request to purchase the ticket at a cost reasonable.

No credit check

When you pay in installments, you don't feel the pressure of daily expenses. You can even choose the express payment option if it suits you. There are different methods by which you can pay for the booking site. With pay later flight tickets without a credit check, even those with a weak credit score or no credit history can enjoy the benefits of boarding on their own without spending from the start.

Choose from a custom travel plan

While planning your travel, you can choose the right option and order your air ticket installment according to your chosen payment plan.

Simple installment option

Financial term options are mostly divided into 3 months, 6 months and 12 months with small or no interest. The budget-friendly service is also available to everyone, just like if you're a non-working employee, you can still take advantage of the benefits of flying first and pay later and just make sure to pay in installments month. Your request is approved almost instantly and you can start your trip right away, with the option of emergency or immediate flights.

Using fly now pay later is a great option if you have to make a last minute emergency flight. Please visit MOVI's www.baytruoctrasau.vn page to experience our new product.