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Dear Customers,

Recently, scammers have more and more sophisticated tricks to take advantage of, steal information and appropriate customers' assets.

To ensure absolute confidentiality of information, Customers should always take precautions, raise vigilance and say NO to:

  • Lend anyone (including counselors) to borrow sim cards or personal phones to access OTP.
  • Share or give anyone personal information (ID, photo, identification document).
  • Share OTP and pin code to activate MOVI member account.
  • Place an order for you for any suggested reason.

Customers should contact MOVI immediately if they detect:

  • Received a request to transfer money to a personal account when making a transaction with MOVI.
  • Received any payment request if the customer needs to order from an unidentified individual/organization.
  • Received notification of successful order from MOVI staff or anyone else but did not receive OTP.
  • Impersonate an MOVI’s employee to place orders and perform other transactions.

Noted: MOVI does not charge any extra fee for the order (MOVI will not handle any case for the fee agreement between Customer and MOVI staff)

MOVI encourages customers to download and use the MOVI Member application to easily place orders, track orders, track payments whenever.

In case of an urgent situation, please call MOVI hotline 1800 6669 (free)