Referer is MOVI member who has an active account and has had purchase transactions at MOVI.

Referral is new customer who has not had any transactions with MOVI

Duration of application: from 5th Sep – 30th Sep, 2020

Scope of application: in the South & North

Conditions for receiving incentives:

  • Referer has to sign up information correctly on the landing page (both of referrer & referral information)
  • Referral must successfully get  at least 3mil loan at MOVI
  • The time for the referral to receive disbursement must arise after the time the refererer registers


  • The cash back amount (100K) will be transferred by MOVI to the saving account of referer within 15 days after referral received disbursement.
  • Referral will receive voucher code (100K) through SMS after the first payment. Voucher can be used only once on physical purchase at MOVI.
  • The case does not meet the requirements of the referral program, will not receive incentive.

Registration instructions:

Step 1: Sign up via the landing page:


Step 2: Fill in the information correctly

"Referer" & "Referral"

Step 3: Press the submit button

Step 4: Referral got loan “sucessfully”

Step 5: Get incentives