Scope of application:nationwide
Applicable sales channels: MOVI Member app
Applicable subjects: MOVI member customers in Vietnam
Application period: from 19/02/2024 to 25/02/2024
What are the rules of this promotion?
Each customer who has a MOVI Member account will be able to purchase any product at the 0 VND market with the following products: 

No. SKU Products Price
1 ICARE-0040301:1 5-piece Stainless Steel Brass Set 0VD
2 ICARE-0039390:1  Bluetooth Speaker TG 196 0 VND
3 ICARE-0043667:1 ASANZO SK-1800 Super Speed Heater 0 VND

*See more promotion information here: T&C Flash sale MOVI Member App 02.2023.pdf