The Covid-19 pandemic is still lingering, and complicated developments have been having a heavy impact on the lives of all people, especially employees.
With difficulties and challenges from the epidemic, employees must constantly face many worries and insecurities in life.
Faced with that situation, MOVI has supported many gifts and necessities, giving completely FREE rice at factories for employees with difficult circumstances.
Accordingly, MOVI has given rice at factories Aleron Vietnam, Rollsport Vietnam, Funning Precision Component, Yazaki HP VN, Goertek Vina, etc.
In order to encourage morale, share, and overcome the difficulties brought by the epidemic, MOVI quickly and timely gave gifts as encouragement and motivation for employees to feel secure work, take care of their families, and join hands to do well in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.
With the motto of not leaving anyone behind, in the coming time, MOVI will continue to accompany and support employees in any circumstances. This is also one of the benefit programs that MOVI offers with the desire to contribute to improving the lives of employees across the country.