Quick-cash loan and easy at Movi

Quick-cash loan is a short-term financial solution, Movi's financial partners can give you some of the money you need to cover an unexpected cost such as car repairs or medical bills. These are small, short-term loans that can be a real lifes out when you're in financial difficulty.

Quick-cash loan is a product provided exclusively to Movi's Welfare Program Members through financial partners, credit institutions (HD SAISON, IVB,...) operating legally in the territory of Vietnam, on the basis of strategic cooperation with Movi. The process of approving, appraising and disbursing loans to customers will be conducted by MOVI's financial partners in accordance with the law and internal regulations and policies of financial partners. Movi is not a credit institutions and does not give credit to customers in any way.

You can apply for a quick-cash loan from your own home and receive money to your bank account quite quickly. Quick-cash loan out is a great alternative to traditional loans, often accompanied by a longer application and approval process.

You can apply for most of these loans within minutes from your desktop or mobile device so you can get cash quickly without going anywhere.

You should avoid a cash advance loan if you worry that you won't be able to pay it off as it can quickly put you in a debt spiral.

Also, opt out of this quick-cash loan product if you want to cover a large amount of expenses such as weddings or kitchen remodeling. If that's the case, it's better to borrow a personal loan. Don't forget that Quick-cash loan is a cash loan for short-term financial needs.

Quick Cash Loan, Quick Cash Loan At Movi

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Easy cash advance loans can save you time when life throws an unexpected financial curve your way. Just make sure that you don't rely on them too often, as they are considered short-term financial solutions.

If you notice that you need a regular short-term loan, it's time to make some changes. Cut spending, get rid of debt, increase cash flow and do whatever you can to live in (or lower) your abilities.

Quick-cash loan conditions at Movi

Movi's quick-cash loan products are only applicable to customers who are already MOVI members, satisfying the conditions for using quick-cash loan products; the actual disbursement time will depend on MOVI's financial partner and may be longer, in case the Customer's records are incomplete, accurate and/or other objective reasons

  • Just a people's photo and a clear portrait
  • Signed a labor contract with the enterprise & made from 06 months
  • From 18 to 53 years old (female), or 58 years old (male)
  • Minimum wage 3 million

When the client's transaction limit is issued, Movi will contact the customer to sign the necessary documents and documents.

Reasons to choose a quick deposit at Movi

  • Simple payment process, just download MOVI application and complete the information as required
  • Quick application review
  • Fast disbursement time
  • Term 1-24 months
  • Easy pay via salary

Customers can receive money immediately (between 6:30 and 18:30, including weekends and Tet holidays) after a quick payment request approved by Movi's financial partner.

The disbursement of the client's payment is made by Movi's financial partner through the interbank system. Therefore, the remittance may be delayed only in case the interbank remittance system has a technical fault.

Customers can pre-calculate the amount of the advance when needed. In this case, the Customer will have to pay the full principal balance and the remaining payment costs.

Currently, Movi's financial partner does not require customers to pay a penalty fee when singing an advance ahead of time. However, to avoid confusion, pre-payment fees may apply at the decision of Movi's partner from time to time (if any).

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