Pre-purchase paid later with genuine products at Movi

Pre-purchase paid later at Movi is defined as a financial agreement that allows consumers to make purchases without paying off at the same time.

Pre-purchase paid later at Movi is short-funded allowing to make purchases and pay on a future date without interest.

Pre-purchase paid later, also known as installment loans at point of sale, prepaying later is becoming an increasingly popular form of payment, especially when shopping for high-value goods.

Programs Pre-purchase paid later are not exactly the same, since each company has its own terms and conditions.

But in general, point-of-sale installment loans work in the following ways:

  • You make a purchase at a participating retailer and choose to pre-purchase post-payment
  • If approved, you make a pre-payment, such as 25% of the total purchase amount
  • Then you pay off the remaining amount to the terms into a series of interest-free installments
  • You can pay via check or bank transfer; payments can also be deducted automatically from your debit card, bank account, or credit card.

While both are related to late payments, you have a fixed repayment schedule – usually weeks or months. You are informed in advance what you need to pay each time and usually the same amount. It is comparable to any other type of consumer or uns warranted individual.

Not all transactions may be eligible for post-paid pre-purchase. And there may be limits on how much money you can fund in this way.

But up-to-back purchases can be an attractive way to pay for smaller purchases when shopping, especially for you during the COVID-19 pandemic along with the rise of e-commerce in general.

Process Pre-purchase paid later at Movi:

1. Register to become a member of MOVI through the channels below:

2. Place an order within the allowed Movi limit and select a payment term
3. Order Confirmation
4. Receive goods at Movi center or at home
(*) The purchase process applies to Customers working at Movi's partnership with Movi to implement the Movi Benefits Program (formerly the iCare Benefits Program)

Buy now pay later

Products Pre-purchase paid later with 0% interest rate at Movi

  • Movi and its partners offer genuine products in many different industries, such as phones (Samsung, Oppo,...), electronics, refrigeration, household ,...
  • All these products, Movi and partners allow customers to pay 0% interest ins installments with a period of 3-6 months. Customers only have to pay a reasonable service fee.
  • Prices, installment periods, service fees (if any) related to each physical product will be clearly listed to the Customer before the Customer decides to make a purchase.

Benefits of using Pre-purchase paid later products at Movi

The idea behind Pre-purchase paid later is that consumers can get what they need right away - while at the same time having a little more time to pay for them.

Buying a Pre-purchase paid later at Movi seems tempting if you can't or don't want to pay your bills for something at once: It increases your credibility - a 0% interest fee but has a repayment schedule so you don't fall into debt piling up. But consider whether payments are feasible and what penalties you could face if you can't afford them.

Finally, consider the benefits of point-of-sale installment loans versus the benefits of using products Pre-purchase paid later, quick cash advance, online advance at Movi.