Money advances are constantly supply and demand to today's consumer finance behavior

Money advances are a useful service that is very familiar to all those who have been using one of the mobile subscriber carriers such as Viettel, Mobifone, Vinafone, Vietnammobile ... are providing.

Money advances has been continuously maintained and developed over the years, and now there has been a new service of greater value, applied to all eligible adults is “QUICK CASH ADVANCE”.

Quick cash advance is a consumer financial product protected and developed by Viet Phu Payment Service Support Joint Stock Company in Vietnamwww.movi.vn. Although the basic service is similar to other online loan services, the nature of the service conditions is completely different.

Typically, connecting with customers at factories to support quick loans:

At Movi, it's easy to advance as we don't ask you to provide information about past loans or even payments with Movi. If this is your first time making an advance, we encourage you to register as a Movi customer to fulfill your financial needs.

We make the deposit process easy to understand and accessible to everyone. Especially for first-time customers, clear terms and friendly service will help you simplify the financial process. Not only accompanies customers through the money advance process, Movi also helps you build a credit line profile to make future advances much simpler.

We minimize the processing time of the payment process. With simple document requirements (just need a worker's card and identity card), you can apply immediately through the mobile application or with Movi's service staff.

Quick cash advance products are provided exclusively for Movi Welfare Program Members by MOVI's financial partner(s) who are credit institutions legally operating in the territory of Vietnam, on the basis of strategic cooperation with Movi. The process of approving, appraising and disbursing loans for customers will be conducted by MOVI's financial partners in accordance with the law and regulations and internal policies of the financial partners. MOVI is not a credit institution and does not grant credit to customers in any way.

We aim to make our clients' dreams come true by providing financial services with due diligence. MOVI aspires to provide excellent, innovative and transparent financial support products and services to all workers across the country.