Life has changed significantly when Covid-19 appeared, after a long time implementing the social distancing directive, people are gradually returning to their daily lives but with a concept of "new normal"! All activities are directed towards one common criterion “Ensuring the safety of people's health”, we all need to CHANGE, to adapt to the “NEW NORMAL” LIFE.

1. Protective shield - reduce risk: Get vaccinated against Covid-19.

2. Raise awareness - protect the community: Comply with regulations on epidemic prevention - ensure safety.

3. Change personal spending habits – have a backup financial plan.

4. Update and use public products and services on digital platforms.

5. Positive lifestyle and sharing with everyone

MOVI implements necessary activities and policies to continue accompanying employees, ensuring safety criteria and regulations for epidemic prevention and control:

- MOVI staff is fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

- Comply with the 5K rule.

- Online shopping and payment application ensures safety and convenience for customers and partners.

- Debt rescheduling for 85 factories, information to 18,000 customers in severely affected areas during the epidemic period.

- Support customer service Buy now - pay later with 0% interest

- Implement the fee schedule applicable to each customer group.

MOVI believes that all MOVI's efforts to change will help employees reduce financial burdens and easily access MOVI's products and services in a safe - transparent - legal.