With an income 4-6 millions VND, employees have many concerns about finance, especially the impact of Covid-19 in previous months. Facing with these irresistible choices, employees have to borrow large loans from black credit institutions without being able to anticipate financial traps and undeserved risks.

Understanding that financial burden, after more than one years of implementing financial products in partner factories, MOVI has received the trust of more than 1.8 million employees. In September 2020, MOVI officially launched "Benefit Loan" to expand products and create conditions selections for customers flexibly to make choice with their spending requirement, such as:

Reason to choose MOVI

  • Loan is suitable for actual demand and emergency of customer.
  • Lower fee than normal cash loan
  • With the existing cash loan advantages, customer can receive cash disbursement first and claim for the cash back later
  • Enjoy the 100% online experience on Movi digital platform.

Just 4 simple steps:

  • Fill in the form below

    or call hotline 18006669 - it's free!

  • Enter customer code and choose loan amount
  • Complete the form and wait for approval
  • Receive fund disbursed to bank account
(*) This process is applied for factory workers those are in partnership with MOVI (previously known as iCare Benefits)


It only requires you to complete application form at first time using MOVI product, after get approved credit limit, just use MOVI Mobile App or call our hotline for any later transaction of yours

Cash Loan Requirements

  • Must be Movi Member
  • Approval cash loan funded by Bank
Not MOVI member?

Meet MOVI staff at your local MOVI center to apply

Note: These requirements are applicable to MOVI member who is eligible for cash loan product; realistic disbursment timing will be up to MOVI financial partner. It may take longer to process because of customer's incomplete document submission or other reasons.